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Hydropower plant Zvornik breaks records in production

Hydropower plant Zvornik set a new daily record in the production of electricity with 2.84 million kWh produced on January 11, thanks to revitalized generators. The increase in green energy production and better utilization of inflows on the Drina River was made possible by EPS’s investment, which completely revitalized all four generators with an increase […]

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Wind Farm Čibuk 1 – a new era of Serbian energy future

IEE Corporation was an important partner within the realization of the capital investment project – construction of the biggest Wind Farm in the Balkans Čibuk 1, with a total power of 158 MW. This wind farm produces electrical power for 113 thousand households and it saves more than 370,000 tons of CO2 per year. Wind […]


Eco Heating Plant – the most awarded infrastructural project of RS 

Eco Heating Plant in Banja Luka is a project of intelligent heating. It was completed by the team of our international experts. The plant produces heat energy for more than 1,250,000 square meters area in the city center and it saves around 70,000 tones of CO2 per year. We invite you to meet us on […]