Top Stories 9 March 2021

Wind Farm Čibuk 1 – a new era of Serbian energy future

IEE Corporation was an important partner within the realization of the capital investment project – construction of the biggest Wind Farm in the Balkans Čibuk 1, with a total power of 158 MW. This wind farm produces electrical power for 113 thousand households and it saves more than 370,000 tons of CO2 per year.

Wind farm Čibuk 1 is situated in a unique landscape of wavy Banat plains, in Dolovo region, only 50 kilometers North-East from Belgrade, whose turbines are hardworking and catch new megawatts of green energy on daily basis. Namely, at Dolovo site, 57 wind turbines were built in 40 square kilometers during two years, 35/400 kV substation and accessory structure of transmission lines, which together form Čibuk 1 wind farm.

This was a big project where our company had been tasked to design electrical power elements, which represent the heart of nowadays WF Čibuk 1. We make a Detail design, Technical Revision of Basic design for a construction permit, Basic design of OHL, Consulting for obtaining permits. This is a project within which we pushed limits of our so-far project management by designing electrical power elements that represent the heart of this wind farm.

Wind farm Čibuk 1 is a project that our teams shall remember by a series of pioneer step-outs, and most significant is designing a solution for specific 35 kV compensation and performance of compliance test with GRID code, which was performed for the first time in Serbia. To be a link for that big endeavour, which is one of the significant turnovers in renewable sources, represents an important confirmation of devoted work at these wind turbines.

Wind Farm Čibuk 1, apart from its energy and economic image, also improved significantly the environmental image of Serbia. Thanks to this project, Serbia increased the share of power acquired from renewable sources to 27 percent of total consumption.