Projects 9 March 2021

Eco Heating Plant – the most awarded infrastructural project of RS 

Eco Heating Plant in Banja Luka is a project of intelligent heating. It was completed by the team of our international experts. The plant produces heat energy for more than 1,250,000 square meters area in the city center and it saves around 70,000 tones of CO2 per year. We invite you to meet us on our stand and learn more about intelligent, eco-friendly solutions.

We performed mission impossible and built Eco Heating Plant Banja Luka by making it feasible and successful to the extent it became the most rewarded infrastructural project of the Republic of Srpska in Europe and beyond. We were completely confided with unique project of intelligent heating for City of Banja Luka: from concept design, project design, acquiring permits, creation of financial framework, construction of entire heating plant and all plant and management systems, all of the testing and commission.

This is one of the biggest plants of this type in Europe with installed power amounting to 49 MW. It was built in a record deadline, 187 days, and in very ambitious financial, production, qualitative and technological framework. IEE Corporation was more than Lead Contractor in this project and its performance moved boundaries in all segments of our business operation.

This project has a multiple significance for Banja Luka since the project provides energy sovereignty of the city through three factors defined by EU Energy Community: safety, self-sustainability and financial safety. More precisely, there is saving of energy sources amounting to 5 million Euros a year.