Construction of new substation 400/110 kV Vranje 4

The construction of a modern power facility is an investment in the future, which brought numerous benefits to Vranje and the surrounding area. This substation is located on the route of the 400 kV connection of Western Europe with its southern parts and Turkey. This project is of great importance for the southeastern part of Serbia, where it provide stable power supply and improved the possibility for the development of this part of the state.


Investor: EU Delegation(for EMS, Serbia, Belgrade)

Location: Vranje, Serbia

Year: 2012/2013


Our scope of works: 

Design, Basic design, Detail design, As built

Complete electric and civil works:

400 kV – 2 TL fields, 2 transformer fields

110 kV – 9 TL fields, 2 transformer fields, bus coupler filed

Agreement was performed according to: FIDIC „Yellow book“